Simulator for Float-Zone Growth of Silicon

This simulator models the growth of Silicon by the Float-Zone technique. The Float-Zone simulator captures all phenomena controlling the growth process: Electro-magnetic heat input, Electro-magnetic free surface pressure field, Electro-magnetic stirring of the melt, coupled radiation/conduction/convection heat transfer in the charge, gas phase convection, and dopant mass transfer in the gas and in the melt. All of these features are integrated into one monolithic simulation tool. The Float-Zone simulator is based on a hybrid of finite-element and boundary-element techniques: the Electro-magnetic calculations are performed by the boundary-element methods, with results inputted directly into the finite-element model of momentum, heat, and mass transfer in the system. The Float-Zone simulator can be used to improve the quality and yield of growth process through optimization, for example, of the shape and location of the induction coil, or of gas-phase doping techniques.


  • Simulation of Entire Growth Run From Seeding to Cool-Down
  • High-Fidelity Representation of Furnace Geometry
  • Electro-Magnetic Heating of the Charge
  • Electro-Magnetic Pressure and Force Fields
  • Calculation of Melt/Gas Free Surface
  • Convection in the Gas Phase
  • Convection in the Melt: - Buoyancy, Electro-Magnetic, and Surface Tension Forces; Rotation of Feed and Crystal
  • Gas-Phase Doping
  • Mass Transfer in the Gas and Melt
  • Thermo-Elastic Stresses in the Crystal
  • Time Accurate Information on Temperature and Stress Fields for Control of Various
  • Defect Formation Mechanisms

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